The Gail E. Hawisher and Cynthia L. Selfe

Caring for the Future Scholarship



Applicants must satisfy all of the following criteria for the scholarship:

Mentor Sponsorship
Mentors need to have a terminal degree, work in academia, and be able to introduce the student to the field of computers and writing. They do not have to be at the same institution as the student. Mentors should be able to attend the Computers & Writing conference to mentor their applicant. We suggest, at minimum, the mentor

If the mentor of the scholarship winner cannot attend the conference, please let us know and we'll arrange to have a colleague serve as conference mentor. A mentor can agree to mentor more than one student per year who applies for the HSCF scholarship.

Not eligible but still looking for some support?
Apply for a GRN Travel Grant. Awards are based solely on need. To qualify, applicants must be: 1) a student or non-tenure-track faculty member, and 2) accepted to present at the Graduate Research Network and/or the Computers and Writing Conference.